Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rain in the Summertime

The title of this post has no meaning other than it is an awesome song by The Alarm that my brother introduced me to.  Thanks Ryan!

Since the last post Easter has come and gone:


 Brooke had a birthday:

 And so did Savannah.  She chose to have a Frozen themed friend party:

Savannah graduated from kindergarten:

And Carly played the part of Sacajawea in the 5th grade program:

We've been working A LOT on the yard, and yes, some of it seems to be dying already:

And squeezing in a little fun too:

We've been on weekly outings with the cousins.  So far we have been to the zoo, the dinosaur park, a trout farm, had a nature treasure hunt, and played a super fun game of 'Murder in the Dark' (not pictured..too dark, haha)

 We even went camping with the whole Maxfield family.  It was a lot of fun!

We found a great deal on some cabinet hardware for the kitchen, which was badly needed because some of the cabinets were getting pretty beat up from opening them by hand.  We scored enough hardware for the entire kitchen a few for the laundry room for only $40 :)

There was also one little incident of Brooke slipping and falling at a friend's house during a BBQ and cutting her lip open.  We had to take her in for stitches and spent several hours in the ER.  Not fun...but Brooke was a trooper!  She got a total of five, two dissolvable stitches in her lip and three permanent ones up above.  WARNING:  Graphic photo below!

 We were also invited to St. George with my parents over the 4th and we all had so much fun!

(I got a lot of grief from my girls for taking a selfie, but hey, I've got to have proof that I was there at the pool with them!)

I've only finished one crafty project.  I wanted a tray for our ottoman but didn't want to spend $28, so I bought a plain wood one at the DI for $1 and a few yard sticks for another $7.  I stained and painted it to try and match the entertainment center but my paint color is a little off.  Oh well, guess it's not cool to be too matchy matchy anyway.

I have also done only one cake because believe it or not, I've started saying no to people.  And it feels so good!  I am only doing cakes for friends and family now.  This was for our cute neighbor who turned 10 and wanted a really girly cake:

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The Eggertz Family said...

I've said it before and I'll say it are one of the most talented people in the entire world. And i mean that from the depth of my deepest down diddly parts. You are PHENOMENAL and I love you forever. Keep it up, super mom.